Renala Khurd

Renala Khurd is a growing city of Okara District in the north east of the Punjab province of Pakistan. The city is the headquarters of Renala Khurd Tehsil – an administrative subdivision of the district. Its approximate height above sea level is about 570 feet (170 m). It is located at 30°53’N 73°36’E and is about 116 kilometres (72 mi) away from Lahore and 18 kilometres (11 mi) away from the district capital Okara city towards south-west of Lahore on national highway (GT Road) and on Lahore Karachi main railway line. Eastern time zone of Renala Khurd is UTC+5+6DT. … Read More >Renala Khurd


Okara is the capital city of Okara District in the Punjab province of Pakistan. It is also known as Mini Lahore. The name Okara is derived from Okaan, the name of a type of tree. This city is located southwest of the city of Lahore and Faisalabad is 100 km by passing away Ravi River. This city serves as district and tehsil capital and is itself administratively subdivided into ten Union councils. This city is a relatively new agricultural city; during the period of British rule there was a jungle of Okaan where the city has been built, and from this the name of the city was derived. … Read More >Okara


Narowal is a city in the northeast of the Punjab province of Pakistan. The city is the capital of Narowal District and Narowal Tehsil. There are several theories as to the origin of the name. The most famous of them is that it was named after a Sikh landlord, Naro Singh, who was the owner of the land before the partition of the sub-continent in 1947. It is situated on the banks of Ravi River about 4–5 km from the Indian border and about 50 km from the Indian-administered Kashmir. … Read More >Narowal


Muzaffargarh is a city in southwestern area in the province of Punjab, Pakistan. It is located on the bank of the Chenab River. It is capital city of Muzaffargarh District. District Muzaffar Garh lies in the form of strip between the river Chenab and Indus, which passes along the Eastern and Western boundaries respectively of the district and form a triangle at Alipur tehsil of the district. The district is bounded on the North by newly created district Layyah, on the South by Bahawalpur and Rahimyar Khan districts across the river Chenab. Districts Multan and Khanewal are on the Eastern side of district Muzaffargarh, across the river Chenab. District Jhang also touches on North-East. … Read More >Muzaffargarh


Muridke is a city in the province Punjab of Pakistan. It is a major commercial city and headquarters of Muridke Tehsil in Shaikhupura District in Punjab. It is situated near the city of Lahore, Pakistan at an elevation of 205 m (675 ft). It is situated on Latitude of 3145’34.920″N and Longitude of 7350’16.080″E. It is situated on the famous Grand Trunk Road and at the crossroads to Shaikhupur, Kala Shah kaku, Gujranwala, Narang Mandi and Narowal. It is situated 217 km from Rawalpindi and Islamabad. … Read More >Muridke


Murree is a city in province Punjab of Pakistan. It is an exurb of Islamabad and the administrative centre of Murree Tehsil, in Punjab. It is in a subdivision of Rawalpindi District and includes the parts of the Margalla Hills around Islamabad. Historians differ on origin of Murree’s name. According to one theory Murree derives its name from local Marrhi which means a ridge. According to another it is derived from Turkish marg which means a meadow. It may not be far from reality as there is considerable Turkish cultural influence in the area. According to yet another explanation Murree derives its name from Hazrat Marriam, or Virgin Marry, who is said to be buried at Pindi Point which is one of the highest places around. … Read More >Murree


Mianwali is the capital city of Mianwali District, Pakistan. It is in the northwest of Punjab province on the eastern bank of the Indus River. Thal Canal traverses the city and makes the surroundings picturesque. In the 1998 census of Pakistan, the city had a population of 85,000. The two dominant tribes of Mianwali are Niazis and Awans. Many Awans also write Malik as their last name. Awans usually associate themselves with Potohari Punjabi identity while Niazis associate themselves with Seraiki identity of South Punjab regions … Read More >Mianwali

Mian Channu

Mian Channu is a city in Punjab Province of Pakistan. It is also the capital of Mian Channu Tehsil in Khanewal District, Punjab. The city was named after a saint, Hazrat Baba Mian Channu (Rehmatallah Alahay) who lived and buried there. There is a folklore about the name that during English rule administration tried to change the name of city. They painted all boards with the new name. But at night somehow the boards changed to back to the original. They tried repeatedly in vain, and since then the name of area is Mian Chunnu. Mian Channu is situated On L.M.Q Road at a distance of 96 Kms. from Multan towards East. … Read More >Mian Channu


Mailsi is a city located in Vehari District, Punjab, Pakistan. The city of Mailsi is the headquarters of Mailsi Tehsil, an administrative subdivision of the district. It is one of the largest tehsils of Multan District; the districts of Lodhran and Vehari were created from Mailsi in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Vehari, now a district, was sub-tehsil of Mailsi. The region’s name derives from the Malloi group which resided in Multan, but moved to the area near the Satluj river when Alexander attacked Multan. It is located at 29°48’1N 72°10’33E at an altitude of 126 m (416 ft). Mailsi is located in the Indus Valley near the city of Multan in central Pakistan. … Read More >Mailsi

Mandi Warburton

Mandi Warburton is a mid-sized town in the Punjab province of Pakistan. The town was named by or after John Paul Warburton who was a high ranking police officer of the Raj period. It is about 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) north of Nankana Sahib and 30 km southeast of Sheikhupura. The town was named by or after John Paul Warburton (1840-1919), a high ranking police officer of the Raj period. The Warburtons were a prominent Anglo-Indian family but John Paul was adopted, originally being called Jan Dad Khan. His residence at that time was turned to a high school which is still functional. … Read More >Mandi Warburton

Mandi Bahauddin

Mandi Bahauddin is a city in central Punjab, Pakistan.It is also the capital of Mandi Bahauddin District. Hazrat Bahauddin a Sufi Darvesh established this city so was named as Mandi Bahauddin. The Urdu word “Mandi” implies “marketplace”. The city is some 220 metres above the sea level and is located in central Punjab, between the rivers Jhelum (north 12 km) and Chenab (south 39 km). The city of Mandi Bahauddin had contained no traffic lights up until February 2010 when the first set of traffic lights was installed at the major intersections. … Read More >Mandi Bahauddin


Mamoori or Mamuri is a town in province Punjab of Pakistan. It is also a union council of Dera Ghazi Khan District of Punjab. It is located at Latitude of 29°54’57N and Longitude of 70°33’52E and has an altitude of 115 metres (380 feet). Punjabi is the main language spoken in this town while other languages are also spoken. Nearly 97% of the people speaks Punjabi language and rest speaks other languages. Mamoori is an agriculture area and it has a fertile land. Cotton, wheat, sugarcane, rice, tobacco being the major crops grown. … Read More >Mamoori