Food in Maweshi Mandi of Punjab Pakistan | Domail Mandi Attock

People of Punjab really love to go the Maweshi Mandi even if they don’t have to buy or sell any thing. Its their routine and they wait for the day of Mandi. These mandis are mainly for the sale/purchase of animals, but many people visit that just to roam around and eat some food. Although hygienically the food is not the good but people are not that up for the hygiene there.

The mandi I am taking you to is Domail Mandi, its in Tehsil Jand of District Attock, Punjab, Pakistan. This monday operates on every Friday, people can buy/sell animals that is its main attraction, other then that there are vegetables, fruits, clothes, juices and food items. This article is about the food items in that mandi.

First thing you will find in these mandis is Samosa chat/ Chana chat , you will find quite a few stalls for that in these types of mandis. Some will eat it just as Chana chat and some will add samosa with it to add the flavour. Tauseef bahi samosa chat is very famous around here, its also known as Tauseef bahi k cholay.

Second and I think most famous of these punjab mandis is Julabi, people love their julabi here. Its normally in pure red color here, you will see lot of people have there Julabi in changair in small sitting places and enjoying there hot and fresh julabi. In Domail mandi Niazai sb’s julabi is very famous. I tried it and its very delicious too, People from village love sugar too so if you are ok with that you will definitely enjoy it, besides what is Julabi without sugar.

Another thing that people love eating here is the Chapli kabab, I have tried it and may be it was that day but I didn’t find it like a normal chapli kabab we eat, it was different and didn’t like it much. They server it with nan and chatni. Chatni has its own flavour too. For all its worth its not that expensive. When some one sells their animal, their friends ask them to give them a treat by either Julabi or this chapli kabab.

You will find places for different types of juices being sold in Summer. Heat is sizzling and normally a safe bet is sugarcane juice. You can drink it fresh and cold. If you are hygiene conscious you can ask for disposable glass for little extra.

Now that we are fresh after drining juice we started to look for more food. You will find quite a few stalls for Namkeen and Meethay chawal. Sellers have both of these types in front of them and you can either get any one of them or both mixed. Normally people eat it as mixed. They weight it after putting both types in and the price is according to its weight. There are also chana salan that they pour over it, so its kind of a mixture and people love it.

The most common soghat of any mandi or anyplace that have some gathering you will see a thela for Pakoras. There are 2 types of pakora, one is mixed and one is just aloo pakora. People love to eat their pakors with a hot cup of tea. Although its mostly a good combination of winter but people still it as a day time meal in these mandis.

Another thing that we see in these mandis is kalaji, you will see mouth watering stalls of a big tawa on fire, with some grabi and kalaji, cook keep cooking it and that sound and color attract the near by people and if they are hungry this makes them even more hungrier. People will sit in small places to eat this with nan.

Last but not the least you should end your tour with a cup of tea is good for you after eating all these types of food. All this food was giving our mouth a strange taste so we had a very good cup of tea, its called doodh pati, its cheap and it gives you energy. Cup of tea is must of almost every one, weather its litte chit chat with friends or just sitting to relax.

All of this food that we talked about is the common one that you will find at most mandis, its not expensive comparing to other restaurants but it has some hygienic problems too, so eat it at your own risk but if your stomach is good, do give it a try.

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