Jhal Magsi

Jhal Magsi district is in the center of Balochistan province of Pakistan. It is situated on Latitude of 28°22’7.72″ and Longitude of 67°32’34.8″.  The district is named after the town of Jhal, seat of the Magsi tribe, thus the name of Jhal Magsi is the headquarters of the major Baloch tribe within the district. The Magsi tribe is historically branched off the early Lashari tribes. The district is divided into two sub divisions: Gandawah and Jhal Magsi. Both sub divisions have a different administrative history.

Jhal magsi2


There are several languages spoken here. The local language of district is Baluchi, Balochi is spoken in major while other languages spoken here are Brahvi, Sindhi and Siraiki.

This city has high population of about 400,000. Near all the population of this area are muslims. The major Baloch tribes in the district are LashariKhoso, , Magsi and Hathyari village of Machi. In Mejeedano Tribes are also settle in large numbers there is tehsil Called Nari/Barijo in jhal magsi. In Jhal Magsi there is a lakho peer near Barijo. In Jhal Magsi District about 30% are Lasharis, 60% are Magsi and 10% others.

This district is administratively divided into two tehsil, Jhal Magsi, and Gandawah with one sub tehsil Mirpur. It had 13 Union Council, Its local Government is administered by Deputy Commissioner/Delimitation Officer of the local government department.



Jhal Magsi Tehsil, Pakistan


Jhal magsi


Mula in Jhal Magsi

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