Jhal Jhao

Jhal Jhao is a small town which is located in the southern part of Balochistan, Pakistan. It is located in Awaran District. It is located at Latitude of 26°18’10N and Longitude of 65°34’49E and has an altitude of 347 m. The town’s population is around 15,000. This town is not a rich town and has houses made of mud and for water supply it has small canals that supply water. This town is surrounded by mountains and deserts. There is only a single way for entry in this town which is through Bela Awaran Road.

Jhal Jhao House

The people of this town are not too rich so there are no industries in this area and as there are no industries in this area so the mostly people are unemployed, some people of this town are working in other cities But mostly the income for this area comes from shoe making industry which is located in the near town. The climate of this area is so arid and hot so it is also impossible to cultivate anything near Jhal Jhao. Rainfall comes only 2-3 times a year, never exceeding 20 mm.

Jhal Jhao Road

Before the road of Bala Awan there was no entry way for this area. In 1987, US aid developed a small road which would link Jhal Jhao with the Bela Awaran Road. Before that, the only way to enter Jhal Jhao was through air transport, specifically helicopters. There are currently no construction projects happening in Jhal Jhao.

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