What to eat in Attock City

Asalam o Alikum Everyone, this is new series we are stating and this is first article in this series, we will visit, try and then introduce you to different cities of Pakistan, In this blog we will tell you about what you can eat in Attock city, what is famous locally. Remember that this is about Attock City not Attock District.

Coming to foods let me list down few of the food items that you should try:

Punjab hotel Nashta
Punjab hotel in Attok city, Not many people know of this place but it has great Paye and channay comparing to options avaialable in Attock. Its right up there with the standards like others, its a small place with a very polight and humble owner. For nastha they have Nihari, Paye, Channay, Naan (roghni and simple) and tea. If you are in the area, you should try them, it opens up around 07 AM in summer, its located near Madni chowk, not that far from Railway Park either, you can easily find it on google maps, locals know it too so its not that much of hassel finding it. They do server lunch and dinner with different kinds of sabzi, daal and meat but I have not tried that, but I definitely will soon.

Maghaz fry from BismILLAH hotel
I have heard this from quite a few people about special Maghaz Fry from BismILLAH hotel, its located on Dhok Fateh raod, it was a hot day in summer. We reached there and ask for a Maghaz fry, you can see the cooking experience in the video attached. They use onions, tomatoes, green chili, oil, eggs and Maghaz to cook this on high flame in small karahi. They server it with fresh tandori roti and raita. Only problem I found was that there was bit more eggs then my liking, other then that it was awesome.

Azad chat
Azad chat wala is famous for his Channa chat, this chat has dahi bhalay in it as well, its a nice creamy chat, so if you are into chats, dahi bhalay , you should visit him for quick snack.

Masoodi IceCream
Attock is also quite famous for its ice-cream, “Masoodi ice-cream” is an old shop that is running for some time now, its stored in typical old style steel drums, it has more of an ice flower along with it, which was also there in our old ice creams. So if you want to try that old style ice cream give it a try, its available in multiple flavours.

Lahore Chat or Billu chat
I think the most famous food item in Attock is Lahore chat also known as Billu Chat, they have been here for long time, they started with a small thela and now they have there own building MashaALLAH, there chat is full of dry fruit and ice-cream along with other ingredients, you will find it fulfilling, its located on Choi road after phatak. They have other items that include chana chat and icecream and both are good, they are most famous for there fruit chat though.

Malakand hotel Chapli Kabab
Malakand hotel in Attock is famous for its chapli kabab, they are very meaty, and when you are in town you must try them at least once.

Indus Hotel
Indus hotel is very famous in students for there economical prices and cleanliness along with the taste of the food. Indus hotel is for each day go to for hostel residents for their normal 2-3 times meal. They have a famous chana chat too. They serve nice daal and sabzi sallan for each day food.

Taj Mehal Hotel Nashta
Taj Mehal hotel is located in the main bazar near Fawara Chowk. They serve delicious food for each meal time but they have a reputation for nashta. They serve SiriPaye, Channay, Nihari, halwapuri , Omelte etc. They have variety of Nan to go with it. If you are fan of Desi nashta then this place is a must go as well when you are in town. They are crowded mostly so you will have to bear the time that they will take for order to be served but all good things have to wait 🙂

There are other food points, hotels in the Attock which are good but I have mentioned what I have tried after hearing good reviews. I will keep trying new things and keep on adding them.
People from near by villages often visit Attock city to buy fruits and vegetables, prices are normally better in sabzi market in Attock.
If you think we should cover something specific, please post in comments section and we will give it a go.
Take care and stay safe.

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