What to see in Attock City

Asalam o Alikum Everyone, this is new series we are stating and this is first article in this series, we will visit, try and then introduce you to different cities of Pakistan, in this blog we will show you what places you can visit/see in Attock City. Keep in mind that this is about Attock City, District Attock is very big and has lot more to offer , we will cover that in separate blog.

First city in that series is Attock, this is my district as I belong to the famous Pindsultani village that is in Tehsil Jand, Attock district.
Attock was formerly knows as Cambellpur, name was changes to Attock in 1978. Attock is historic city with distance of 100km from the capital city Islamabad. Attock was founded in 1903.

Now let’s get back to what is there to see in Attock. I went Attock from Islamabad, I used G.T road and then turned left from Sanjwal mor, then there is chowk called “Jhala Khan Chowk”, I turned right there. After few kilo-meters, you would see a large poll with flag and small beautiful area with benches and garden, there is also welcoming text and beautifully made words of “I LOVE ATTOCK”.

After driving few kilo-meters more, you get to the chowk that is famously known as “3 Mela chowk”. From here we turn left to get to the main Attock city. From here on words you will see mostly shops on the road and then few societies on left and right for residential areas. On the right you will see sharon wala chowk, which now has a beautiful statue of Quaid-e-Azam with some kids.


Attock is know for its chowks, there are so many, its organised in such a way. They have there unique names, there is Shairon wala chowk, Kechari chowk (its called kechari chowk because it has kechari near by), Session chowk, Madni Chowk, Fawara Chowk, Haidari chowk, Fawara chowk, Comeittee chowk, Cinema chowk, Pakistan chowk, Basal chowk, Haideri chowk, Allama Iqbal chowk and Kashmir chowk.

Apart from the chowk, Attock has nice traditional bazars, There is Moti Bazar, Main bazar, Meena bazar, Sarafa bazar, Sabzi mandi and Pleader line.
Attock has some good parks too, There is Railway Park which is now known as Isfandyar bukhari railway park, Jinnah park, Cantonment board children park, there is another park in Mehria town Attock too. Railway Park is near the railway station of Attock, this park has an old Engine placed inside for public viewing, you will also see a fight plane placed there, this park is not well maintained, although at night time third party swings are there for entertainment of kids. Jinnah park on the other hand is very calm and quite place, you can walk there, enjoy the greenery and trees and fountain which is no more working. There is also a small park for your kids to enjoy.

From ancient buildings there is an old Siray, on its front plate its written ” RAEES KHANA DISTRICT ATTOCK, CAMPBELLPUT, ERECTED BY PUBLIC SUBSCRIPTION IN MEMORY OF HER MAGESTY QUEEN VICTORIA EMPRESS OF INDIA, 1907″. It was built in 1907 and according to locals it remained operation till early 1990s. It has broken down a lot, its boundary wall is no more, Goverment should either procure it and save it and make it useful, may be make it a museum, if not then it should be removed and use for something useful. These days its only full of litter and Cannabis addictive people you see there.

Another famous destination that is the most famous for me is the Attock Railway Station, it is an historical as well as calming place. Lot of trains go through this railway station, one line from here goes towards Peshawar and other goes towards Minawali. Its quite a big railway station, it has quite a few platforms, locoshed and turn table. You will see people coming in evening just to spend some quality time or to read books.

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