Saidu Sharif

The main city in the Swat district is Mingoara, however the city of Saidu Sharif is widely regarded as an administrative hub for the Khyber Pakthunkhwa government.

It’s GPS coordinates are 34°45’0N 72°21’0E and it has an altitude of 970 metres (3182 feet). Saidu sharif is a convenient location for government staff due to its proximity to larger cities in the Swat district and Malakand division.

Saidu Sharif has several government buildings, and archeological sites such as the Swat Museum, the Tomb of Akund and the archaeological remains of the Butkara Buddhist Stupa. It is also home to the Government Girls College, Govt Jehanzeb college, DIG, DC, and the Commissioner House.

The most popular tourist spot in Swat Valley (2,073 m) is 100 km away from Saidu Sharif


Pashto is main language spoken in a specific Swati dialect. The Hindko dialect of Punjabi language is also spoken but by few. Unfortunately the town is largely underdeveloped and the population is largely uneducated. Major sections of the population cant understand English, however they may understand Urdu.

Education in Saidu Sharif:

Its largest college is P.G Jahanzeb college of the district is situated here. Which offers MSc , BSc and Fsc degrees. Saidu medical college was built here in 1998. This medical College ranks 3rd in the government medical colleges in the province.On 7 July 2010 the 1st university of the district was established in this area.

As the rule of the mian family in saidu sharif ,Swat has set excellent ground for education and infrastructure improving its image as a well preserve touristic site. In the last few years ,swat district has seen great changes in all aspects of its society including an education upraise,modern health care centers and new university as well as private sector colleges. The reason that capital investment, aid, and charity, isn’t predominant in Saidu Sharif is because the government views other cities as a more worthwhile investment due to the myriad of problems in this district.