Mardan known as The city of hospitality, is a city and headquarters of Mardan District in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Pakistan.

Mardan has an important historical and geographical position. A region communicating Afghanistan and India in the past, it had witnessed a wonderful history. Alexander the Great reached the valley through Kunar Afghanistan and Swat in 326 BC.This was followed by Buddhism till the 7th century AD.Towards the end of 7th century; the Afghans arrived in the region. They introduced Islam in the valley. Following this Sultan Sabuktagin, Mahmood Ghaznavi, Mohammad Ghori, Mughals till the time of Aurangzeb and Nadir Shah ruled the valley. Then came the Sikhs and finally British Raj till 1947.

It looks as it was very easy to rule this valley. But in reality the great people always fought for their independence. They were so brave that they earned the name “MARDAN” for themselves. It means MEN with charisma and courage. Hence the area is called Mardan.

The Guides Memorial Mardanhas a very relevant historical importance. It was built by the British in 1892 in memory of their soldiers who sacrificed their lives in defence of Queen’s Residency in Kabul on September 23rd 1879.This historical memorial was built in the centre of Mardan city. It has three storey building. There is an opening arch in the centre of this memorial while on both sides are the stair cases.
The original name is Takht-i-Bahi. This town is situated 15 km from Mardan on Swat Malakand road. In 1908/9 the ancient Buddhist history was discovered in the mountains. Large numbers of buildings look beautiful on top of the mountains.
Unfortunately the possessions of the houses and buildings have been taken away illegally and maybe decorating some famous buildings in the rest of the world. The population is expanding and new houses are approaching the site. If ignored for a few more years, the tourist and historic attractions will disappear. The authorities need to draw a boundary line, so no further encroachment is achieved. There is a need for a small and beautiful restaurant where people can relax before and after they embark on the mountain journey. Obviously one feels hungry after the long walk and for this reason the “chapli kebab” of Thakhtbai taste wonderful.

In local language it is called Shahbaz Garha. This is the place to take a break or rest when you are tired. Hence the famous Pushto Matal, Shahbaz Garha Da Staro Zay dey ( شهباز ګړه د ستړو ځا ۍ دې ) . This in fact is entirely true. It is about 12 km from Mardan city. It has beautiful mountains, green trees, open fields and a small river in the centre of the village.

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