Shakargarh is the city in province Punjab of Pakistan. It is also the headquarter of Shakargarh Tehsil, is a city in the north-east of Narowal DistrictPunjab.


It borders Jammu to the north and Sialkot to the west. The city is located at 32°16’0N 75°10’0E and is situated at the west bank of the Ravi River.


The total area of Shakargarh is approximately 1,272 square kilometres.


According to the 1998 census, Narowal districts was 1,256,097 of which only 12.11% were urban.

Darbar Kartarpur, Shakar Garh

                                                                                                                              Darbar Kartarpur, Shakar Garh


This city was transferred to Pakistan under the Radcliffe Award,and attached with Sialkot District. However with the creation of Narowal District on 1 July 1991, Shakargarh became tehsil headquarters was included as one of its tehsils.

Shakargarh was the gateway of Mughals entering Gurdaspur and going to Delhi. Shakargarh is also was the gateway to Kashmir and regarded as the rest point for travellers.



During British Rule Shakargarh Tehsil was an administrative subdivision of Gurdaspur District, in 1947 the majority of the district went to India with Pakistan retaining the tehsil of Shakargarh which then became a subdivision of Sialkot District.


It is an agricultural city, wheat, superior quality of rice throughout the world belongs to shakargarh being its main crops.


The literacy rate in Shakargarh is more than 90% best in the Pakistan.

Shakargarh Railway Station

                                                                                                                                     Shakargarh  Railway Station

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