Phool Nagar

Phool Nagar is a city in Pattoki Tehsil of Kasur District in Punjab, province of Pakistan. In past its name was Bhai Pheru.

This city lies on the N-5 about 58 kilometres away from Lahore the capital of Punjab Province. A road leading off from here takes one to the Changa Manga planted forest.

Phool Nagar_Punjab_Pakistan


The old name of Phool Nagar was Bhai Pheru but in the dacade of 2000 it was renamed on the name of famous politician Rana Phool father of Rana Muhammad Iqbal Khan.

Govt degree college Phool Nagar_Punjab_Pakistan

Ravi Phool Nagar_Punjab_Pakistan

Ejaz textile mills Phool Nagar_Punjab_Pakistan - Copy

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