Khyber Riffles Mess

The Khyber Rifles is a paramilitary force that is part of the Frontier Corps of modern Pakistani paramilitary forces. The Khyber Rifles was established in 1878 and headquartered in the tribal area of ​​Landi Kotal, Pakistan, with Sir Robert War Brian as its first commandant and remained until his retirement in 1899. It is located in Khyber Rifles Mess Lindi Kotal area. This Rifles Mess is located at a distance of about 155 km from the capital Islamabad.

To go to this Rifles Mess one has to go to Landi Kotal road from Peshawar which is quite a good road and one can travel easily. Khyber Rifles Mess area is very safe place so people can come here with their family. On its way, there are historical passes and many other interesting places to visit, such as the old railway line and its stations, view points, Afghanistan borders, Lindi Kotal city, etc. It is mandatory to take permission from the armed forces people to enter the Rifles Mess. If you go near Khyber Rifles Mess, you will have green gardens on its right and left which look very beautiful and on the right side there is a building which is a museum and this is one of its main attractions.

If you go to the lawn of Khyber Rifles Mess, you will see a banyan tree which is arrested with iron chains. This tree is said to have been arrested by a British officer, James Squid, in 1913. One night he was very drunk and he came out onto the lawn and ordered the sergeant to arrest him as the tree was moving out of place. do it. This tree is more than 100 years old and it is chained to them. If you go further to the lawns of this Khyber Rifles Mess, you will find a stone that naturally has Allah, Muhammad and Masha Allah written on it, which looks very beautiful and attractive. This stone was found in Tirah Valley in 2004.

has become a part of A sundial has also been installed in the ground of Khyber Rifles Mess, which tells the time, date and year by the light of the sun. There are only two such sundials in the world, one in Khyber Rifles Mess and the other in Germany. If this clock is set elsewhere, it does not work and it is said that this sun clock was installed in Khyber Rifles Mess in 1923.

There is also a museum in Khyber Rifles Mess where many things are kept which are very important from a historical point of view. A visitor’s book has been kept in this museum where the mother of the nation Ms. Fatima Jinnah has also visited and this book is dated April 14, 1948. Malik Shinwari Afridi has given many gifts here in this museum and many of his group photos are there. The museum also has pictures of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah shaking hands with an Afghan soldier and it is said that the soldier’s hand was later amputated by the Afghan government.

The signature of Ms. Fatima Jinnah Shiba is also present on the visitor’s book at this museum. In the museum of Khyber Rifles Mess, the pictures of his commandant are also an important part of this museum, in which the first commandant was Lt. Col. Nawab Aslam Khan and this was in 1881 and he was the first Muslim commandant of Khyber Rifles Mess. . After them, the pictures of some commandants who are British have also been installed there. In this museum, the museum of Khyber Rifles Mess also has pictures of the current Commandant, who is Commandant Colonel Rizwan and GFC Abdul Hameed Sahib. Drummers are also present to make the atmosphere of this museum pleasant.

A large number of rifles that were used in the earlier era are hung in a room in this museum and these are the rifles that were called Khyber Jarul, according to the information of the people who used to have these rifles at that time. They were recruited in Khyber units. The Khyber Rifles Mess Museum displays a large collection of photographs of the Torkham border and its surroundings, which was taken on 02 November 1925. In this picture the road here was quite good at that time and in this picture there was a railway colony which is no longer there and also a gallows can be seen in it.

Many countries in the world have visited the Khyber Rifles Mess and have also presented shields which are part of its museum, including the shields of the countries of Afghanistan, Australia, Canada and China and their pictures are also mixed there. The Khyber Rifles Mess Museum has pictures of the generals of different countries who have visited here, including generals of Japan, Sri Lanka, France, Germany and Italy besides Turkish generals. This museum also has photographs of American generals who used to visit the Khyber Rifles Mess. A bat is kept in the museum of Khyber Rifles Mess, which was signed by the England cricket team when they visited here. The museum of Khyber Rifles Mess also has the sofas which were used by Fatima Jinnah. The culture of this place has also been promoted in this museum.

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