Banyan Tree Arrested in Landi Kotal, KPK, Pakistan

You will be amazed to know that there is a tree arrested in Pakistan. Its story is totally amazing.

This is a Banyan tree arrested in 1913 by a British Officer called James Squid, one night he was heavily drunk, he came out in the lawn and thought that this tree is moving from its location, he got afraid he ordered it to stop but Tree doesn’t stop, so he ordered mess Sargent at the time to arrest this tree. Its been over 100 years and still the tree is in chains.
Government thought that this would show the visitors how unreasonable some of the British commanders were that they arrested a tree.
This tree is located in Landi Kotal Khyber Rifles Mess. This is very close the Afghanistan border Toor-Kham.

To reach this place you can take G.T. road from Islamabad and reach Peshawar first, from there you can take the road to Landi Kotal. This tree resides inside the Khyber Rifles mess and its not an open area to go. You will need a special permission from the Army officials to enter into Khyber Rifles mess.

Khyber Rifles mess it self is a place to visit along with the road to Landi Kotal, this have a rich history and very old route. Road conditions are good and you can reach there by your car.

It is written on the tree that “I am under arrest, One evening a British officer, heavily drunk thought that I was moving from my original location and ordered mess sergeant to arrest me. Since then I am under arrest”.

You can see vlog below to see it in more detail:

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