Jahanian is a town in Khanewal DistrictPunjabPakistan. It is the headquarters of Jahanian Tehsil a sub-division of the district name. 


It is 30 minutes drive from Khanewal(28 km) and 45 minutes drive from Multan (42 km). The town is located at the crossroads of the Khanewal–Lodhran National Highway (N-5A), and theMultanDelhi Grand Trunk Road. It is situated at 416 feet above sea level.


Its climate is dry and hot in the daytime, but nights are usually pleasant.

Jahanian Punjab_Pakistan

                                                                                                                               Jahanian, Punjab


Pashto,Punjabi, Saraqi,Jaangli, Majhi,Jhangvi, Multani and Haryanvi Dialects of Punjabi language are spoken in the city.


Jahanian has a rich history. It is believed that Alexander the Great left some traces during the conquest of this area and that Muhammad Bin Qasim, the first Muslim invader of the sub-continent passed through the area on the way to Multan.

The name may be derived from the saint Makhdoom Jalal-ud-Din Jahanian; whose place of sitting still exists at Basti Peer Jahanian where a fair is held every year and whose shrine is at Din pur Muzaffar Garh. One of the first settler was Syed sardar ali shah Mashhadi in 1916.

Jahanian Canal

                                                                                                                              Jahanian Canal


The literacy rate of this city is also very good as it has several educational institutions. The main educational institutions of Jahanian are Govt.model High School Jahanian, Govt Islamia School Jahanian, Govt girls High School jahanian. The town has its own boys and girls degree colleges and lots of private colleges also placed. The division public school is alreadyll inort D.P.S Jahanian.

Govt boys college Jahanian

                                                                                                                                           Govt boys college Jahanian


There is a railway station and a public bus stand. People rely mostly on Public Station Van type transport. As Jahanian is situated at the National Highway (N5-A) bypass, people can easily get conveyance all of the time during day and night. From this bypass, passengers can go to Lahore,  Islamabad,  Faisalabad,  Bahawalpur,  Sadiqabad,  Sukkur, Hyderabad and Karachi etc.

Jahanian Railway station building

                                                                                                                                          Jahanian Railway station building

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