Khokhrapar or Khokhropar is a border town situated in Tharparkar District, Sindh, Pakistan.


It is located at Latitude of 25¬į41 North and Longitude of 70¬į12 East and has an altitude of 71 metres.


This city is accessible through roads as well as railway station.



Railway Lines:

Khokhrapar railway station was established in 1870. Before the¬†independence¬†of¬†Pakistan¬†in 1947, the Sind Mail was ran between¬†Hyderabad, Pakistan¬†and¬†Ahmedabad, India¬†via¬†Mirpur Khas, Khokhrapar,¬†Munabao,¬†Barmer,¬†Luni,¬†Jodhpur,¬†Pali,¬†Marwar¬†and¬†Palanpur. After the¬†independence¬†Khokhrapar was the last railway station in¬†Pakistan¬†on¬†Hyderabad, Pakistan¬†–¬†Jodhpur, India¬†railway line and used for customs and immigration. The train service between¬†Hyderabad, Pakistan¬†and¬†Jodhpur, India¬†closed down after the 1965 war.

In February 2006¬†Mirpur Khas¬†–¬†Munabao¬†railway line reopened after the conversion of¬†metre gauge¬†railway track to¬†broad gauge. Now¬†Zero Point railway station¬†is the last station in¬†Pakistan¬†on this railway line to customs and immigration.

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