Darya Khan

Darya khan is one of the city of the district Bhakkar situated 20 Kilometers to north of Bhakkar on the eastern bank of river Indus. There is a large scale sugar mill namely Fecto sugar Mills situated in Darya Khan. Likewise other district Tehsil has extreme climate. It is very sizzling hot during summer. The maximum temperature goes upto 42 degree centigrade and minimum to 28 degree centigrade. The hottest months are June, July and August. Winter is equally cold and frosty with maximum at 10 degree centigrade and minimum below freezing point respectively.

At the rule of British the railway station at Darya Khan was built as part of the North Western Railway route.The North Western Railway was a railway company in India during British rule. It was established in January 1886 under the name of “North Western State Railway” by merging the Scinde Railway, Punjab Railway, Delhi Railway, Punjab Northern State Railway, Indus Flotilla Company, Indus Valley State Railway, eastern section of Sind-Sagar Railway, southern section of Sind-Pishin Railway, and Kandhar State Railway. It was later renamed as “North Western Railway”.

The languages spoken in this city are Thalochi and Shapuri dialects of Punjabi is the main languages of people. Urdu are also spoken by majority of people In Darya Khan.

This city has also educational institutions as it has a boy’s secondary school built by Englishmen and a college at the middle of the town. It is situated to the left of the great Indus River. The famous school in this town is Oxford public high school.

Darya Khan is now a Tehsil of District Bhakkar, with population of more than one hundred thousand.

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