It is a town inĀ Lower Dir DistrictĀ ofĀ Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It is located in the north ofĀ MalakandĀ on the north bank of theĀ Swat River, and is near the entrance toĀ SwatĀ District and also at the entrance to Lower Dir. It is about 132 km fromĀ PeshawarĀ and 20Ā km away fromĀ Saidu Sharif, Its the gateway toĀ Lower Dir District. The University of Malakand is also located in Chakdara and there are also more educational institutions here. BISE (Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education) Malakand, Cadet College, Degree Colleges and Chakdara Fort (An academy for Chitral Scouts) are located here.

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Chakdara is an ancient city for different cultures likeĀ Buddhist sites, and HinduĀ ShahiĀ forts. Also the ancient route fromĀ AfghanistanĀ that passes through Nawa Pass andĀ Katgala PassesĀ crosses the Swat River at Chakdara. The Mughals built a fort here which was than captured by British.

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There are several archaeological sites in this city, becauseĀ Buddhist sculpture of the 1st to 7th centuries from nearby sites and Hindu Shahi artifacts are now displayed at Chakdara Museum.

Chakrada fort

In Chakdara ancientĀ archaeological sites 1st comes the Alladun Dheri. Alladun Dheri is anĀ important Buddhist site which is located 7Ā km north of Chakdara Bridge near the village of Uchh. According to theĀ Xuan Zang who was aĀ  Buddhist pilgrimĀ this site was connected with a legend about Buddha. According to the legend, Buddha changed himself into a great serpent lying dead in the valley in order to save the people from famine. The starving people cut pieces from the body and fed themselves. 2ndĀ archaeological site is Damkot Hill, which is the most important site in Chakdara. The top of Damkot Hill has been excavated and houses with pottery and jewellery have been discovered. These items are now displayed in the Saidu Sharif Museum.

Churchill Picket, Chakdara 1897


About three kilometers from Alladun Dheri Stupa there is the Hindu Shahi fort of Kamal Khan China. It is now in ruins. From this fort a track leads to Nimogram Buddhist Monastery and Stupa. This site has three main stupas, which identify three principles of Buddhism which are Buddha the teacher, Dharma and Sangha. Near Chakdara Bridge there are ruins of the Hindu Shahi Period and stupas at Haibatgram, Top Dara and Landakai.

Chakdara BridgeChakdara Lower Dir PakistanOverhead sign at Chakdara

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