Shikarpur  is small city and the capital of Shikarpur District in Sindh province of Pakistan. It is situated about 29 km west of the right bank of the Indus, with a railway station, 37 km north-west of Sukkur.

District Shikarpur, with an area of 2640 square kilometers, has a population of 880,000. It is divided in four “taulkas”: Shikarpur, Lakhi, Garhi Yasin and Khanpur. Its borders meet with districts of Larkana, Jacobabd, Khairpur & Sukkur. Two National Highways (N-65 & N-55) intersect in the city of Shikarpur, so it can well be termed as,one of the junction points of the four provinces.

District Shikarpur was once famous for education and other civic amenities throughout undivided India until the first half of the 20th Century. Rai Bahadur Udhaudas Tarachand Hospitial, Hiranand Gangabai Ladies Hospital, Chellaram & Seetaldas College, Two old High Schools now known as school No:1 & 2 and Girls College here, are some dignified and marvelous towers, showing outstanding standards of Shikarpurians during that era. For security the city was then protected by seven gates and one window. Now, infrastructure being old, Shikarpur experiences a lot of problems. Heavy inflow of rural populace has further burdened this old system, needing immediate overhauling.

The District is bounded on the north and east by Jacobabad District in the south by Sukkur District on the west by River Indus and Larkana District. The town consists of eight gates and one window named Lakhidar, Hathidar, Hazaridar, Cividar, Karandar, Wagnodar, Khanpurdar, Nausherodar and Siddique Mari (Window).