This Valley is full of enthralling beauty, chanting scenes and exhilarating climate is famous worldwide. This area is rich in snow-caped mountains, pine and fur forests, pleasant climate, crystal clear rivulets, melodious waterfalls and cataracts and lush green scenes. Historically this area has been the pathway of the well-known invaders like Alexander the Great, Tartar King Taimur and Mongolian invaders Chengez Khan and Hilako Khan

Upper Dir is one the 24 districts in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan. The district was formed in 1996, when this District was divided into Upper Dir and Lower Dir.

Upper Dir district is 3,699 square kilometres in area and formed part of the former Malakand Division, lying along the Afghanistan border betweenChitral, Bajaur Agency and Lower Dir.

It is connected with the Kohistan District via the Badawi Pass and connected with Chitral District through Lawari Pass and with Afghanistan through Bin Shahi Pass.

Like most of the southern slopes of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, it has a humid subtropical climate. Owing to the town’s exposed location, rainfall from frontal cyclones from the west is heavier than in any other part of Pakistan, and their passage, as well as very penetrative monsoonal periods, are usually accompanied by heavy thunderstorms.

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Pashto is the main language. A few people speak Hindko (a variant of Punjabi), Gujari and Khowar (Chitrali). The majority of the population in this area are Yousafzai and Swati Pashtuns while the ruling class was khosro.

Places to Visit:

Sumat Shahi
Lawari Top
Daubando Pass
Khwago Obboo


  • Dir Continental
  • Green Hills
  • Al Manzar

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