Dadu is a district of Sindh Province, Pakistan.

Dadu district was created in 1933 by the British Indian administration by merging Kotri and Kohistan tehsils from Karachi district and Mehar, Khairpur Nathan Shah, Dadu, Johi and Sehwan tehsils from Larkana district. The population of the district is 1,688,810 according to 1998 census report. The rural and urban population of the district constitutes 79% and 21% of the total population respectively. The area of district is 19,070 square kilometres divided in seven talukas yielding population density of 88.6 persons per square kilometre. The average household size of the district is 5.5 persons, which is higher in urban areas at 6.3 as compared to that in rural areas at 5.3 implying more congestion in urban areas. More than 73% of the housing units in Dadu district are single room houses. The average annual rainfall in the district is about 120 millimetres. The total area under forest is district Dadu is 217,000 hectares yielding timber and firewood. . In 2004 another district by the name of Jamshoro was carved out of District Dadu which comprised Taluka Kotri, Taluka Sehwan and Taluka Jamshoro which is the headquarter of the new district.



  •  Islam  97.49%
  • Hinduism  2.05%
  • Christianity  0.37%
  • Ahmaddiya  0.08%
  • Others  0.02%
    Hindus and Christians are mainly concentrated in the urban areas


  • Seraiki:50.0%
  • Sindhi: 43.33%
  • Urdu: 2.56%
  • Punjabi:1.88%
  • Pashto:1.17%
  • Baluchi:0.42%
  • Others:0.28%
    Urdu speakers are mainly concentrated in the urban areas.

Places to Visit:

  • Gorakh Hill – First hill station in Sindh
  • Manchar Lake – Largest lake in Pakistan and one of the largest lakes in Asia

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