Ali Pur  is a Tehsil of Muzaffargarh District .Ali Pur  is Tehsil head quater if tehsil Ali Pur. It is located in the southern  part of the District 90 km from Muzzafargarh. Ali Pur is a historic city being a historic and prosperous city, attracts a number of tourists every year .The area around the city is a flat plain and is ideal for agriculture. Ten kilometers east of Alipur lies Punjnad Head Works, where five rivers meet: Sutlej, Ravi, Chanab, Beas and Indus. On the opposite bank of the Indus lies Rajanpur District. There lies Damar Wala Janubi and near its about 2 kilometers is Head Punjnad. It’s capital is Alipur city.

About 1,200 years ago, Al-Hajjaj bin Yousef sent Muhammad Bin Qasim to conquer the Raja Dahir state,in this time famous cost of this state umrani baloch,and famous person haji ghulam mustafa umrani, Ali pur being a part of this state.Hazrat Bahaudin Zakarya Hashmi Qureshi Multani and his family gave a greatest service to the people of Alipur while educating them. Today, Ali pur is a bustling urban town burdened under over population; and although ill planning and lack of proper governance over the years has virtually halted the progress, this historic town still has much to offer to its residents and its ever increasing new settlers.

Wheat, cotton and sugarcane are the main crops but due to negligence of the governmental agriculture and irrigation departments, its land is being wasted to soil malfunctions and floods. Pomegranates, mangoes and dates used to be the famous fruits of Alipur long time ago but they are getting vanished now.

The tehsil of Alipur is administratively subdivided into 30 Union Councils, these are,

Ali Pur City, Ali Wali, Debrai, Fateh Pur Janubi, Fhalwan, Khair PUr, Mudwala, Alpuri, Sadat, Khangarh, DOam, Bait Mullanwali, Kuz Kana, Muradour, Janubi etc.

Syed Makhdom Jahanian bukhary Tomb

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