Chichawatni is a historical city in the Sahiwal District of the Pakistani province of Punjab. The name Chichawatni is derived from the name of a Hindi family who lived here before the government built a forest, Chicha was the name of the husband Watni of the wife. It is situated near the Grand Trunk Road, it lies approximately 45 kilometres (28 mi) from the district capital, Sahiwal. In 2007, Chichawatni’s population was estimated at approximately 120,000.


                                                                                   Railway Station Chichawatni

The city serves as the main city of Sahiwal Division, and is administratively subdivided into three City Union Councils and 34 rural Union Councils. The city is located at 30°31’60N 72°42’0E and is situated on the famous Grand Trunk Road and has an attractive railway station. With all the facilities of a large city in a small town, Chichawatni is a thriving town with very good economic growth. It is famous for its crops of wheat, cotton, sugar cane and ice cream parlours.

This small and attractive Pakistani town lies approximately 20 km from the ancient Upper Indus site of Harappa and an excellent stop-over for Tourists interested in traditional crafts and mouth-watering, delicious Pakistani cuisine. Serving many local villages, this humble but highly industrious agricultural town also boasts several colleges and institutions for higher education reflecting the town’s acute emphasis on education.

Dewanay Khaas Restaurant (Taj Mahal) 2


                                                                                            Dewan e Khaas Restaurant and Marriage Hall (Taj Mahal)

Townspeople come from many different backgrounds, from poor farmers to aristocratic Zamindars (landowners) usually of upper cast, Jatt Sera( Chaudhry – GM Jatt Sera )  RajputJatArainMalikDogar and Gujjar . Local administrators, otherwise known as “Zaildars” and “Safedposh” or “white-robed nobles”, form the political elite of the town and may also be found as civil servants in most local government offices.

During the India-Pakistan Partition in 1947, many aristocratic Muslim families migrated from Punjabi towns like Ludhiana, Jallandhar and Firozpur in India and settled in towns like Chichawatni. Local Rajput and Gujjar aristocrats in Chichawatni, originally from FirozpurRaikot and Talwandi Rai are quite happy to show Tourists photos of the splendid Palaces and gardens vacated by them during the events of the India-PakistanPartition.In the time of Partition,People of Chichawatni welcomed victims as much they could ,,there is a shining name always remember as inspiration Dr.Khansab Sardar Khan.He established the very first hospital in the City.

Railway Station Chichawatni_Punjab_Pakistan

                                                                                        Railway Station Chichawatni

hichawatni also accommodates a large Christian community, usually drawn from the very poorest sections of society. The Christians are a respected, hard-working and gentle community in an otherwise overwhelmingly Muslim town. Attitudes towards Christians have been inflamed by the short-lived increase of fundamentalist rhetoric in certain Mosques but overall this negative rhetoric has been mellowed by the sheer volume of important Sufi Shrines, whose calming and uplifting spiritual influence still pervades the town and the many local villages it serves.

The people of chichawatni are known to be very clever. It is also mentionable over here that the people of this area of Pakistan are very intelligent and country lovers. Dr. Muhammad Naveed(Plastic Surgery) is one of the very famous personality of this area, currently he is at work in Shaikh Zayed Hospital, Lahore.

College of Commerce Chichawatni


                                                                                               College of Commerce Chichawatni

Forest Park:

Distt. Govt Sahiwal is opening a forest Park in Chichawatni also having the facility of large pool. Chichawatni Forest is also used by Agricultural University of Faisalabad for research purpose. A Guest house situated in the forest is used to host Governmental Guests and also Foreigners. Pubjab’s famous canal Lower Bari Doaab is used for cultivation. Canal Rest House for Lower Bari Do Aab is also situated in this forest.

This forest also has tourist attractions having a large number of porks. Hunting Licence for porks is easily available. Even Forest Authorities provide awards on pork hunting.

Rahit Park Chichawatni_Punjab_Pakistan

                                                                                                    Rahit Park Chichawatni

Places to Visit:

Whilst visiting Chichawatni ideal visit to Sadar market is necessary to stock up on household goods ranging from Food down to clothes.Very lively atmosphere that will leave you with a bunch of good memories and maybe a bargain or too.

Jungle in Chichawatni:

Chichawatni has the second largest Non-Natural Jungle of Pakistan in Chichawatni. This Jungle has area of 9000 Acres. The Biggest Non-Natural Jungle is Changa Manga.

Crescent factories:

Crescent Factories of Chichawatni are supposed to be the first Vanaspati Ghee Mills of Asia.

Cattle Market:

In Chichwatni there is the biggest cattle market of Pakistan. Cattle market in Pakistan is called Mandi Muwaishiyan. This market start in last 10 days of the month (from 21st to the end of month). This market has peak of its business in three first days. During those day you can buy milk from the cattle market 3 times less than of real market price and even some times milk is free here. People from Gawadar to Khyber gather here to buy and sell cattle.

Madrassa Khalidia:

Madrasssa Khalidia of Chichwatni is First Jihadi Maddarassa which was first built over accupied space in Jamia Masjid Block 12 of Chichawatni. Now it is Moved near Chak 40/12-L.

International Kabaddi:

Kabbadi is a type of Pakistani wrestling. Chichawatni is hometown of many Kabbadians. Many Kabbadi matches between India and Pakistan and also National Championships have held at Chichawatni.Rana Maqbool Khan is very popular kabbader of Pakistan National Kabbadi team belong from Ghorawah Rajpoot tribe settled in chack 109/12.L and also great player of Kabbadi Rana Tameer Ullah from 108 /12.L.and also chak 49/12-L produced great kabadi players headmaster khursheed,Ali Ahmad ,Tariq Mehmood Jut And abdul salam are their main players.Muhammad Ali and Ahmad Sahzaid

Ali Nawaz Stidium Chichawatni

                                                                                                Ali Nawaz Stidium Chichawatni

Esther John:

Chichawatni is also the home town of Esther John , one of the most famous Christian nurse.

Contribution of Chichawatni in 2004 Summer Olympics:

Chichawatni is also the home town of Shazia Hidayat , one of the few women who represented Pakistan in the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens.

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