Chiniot is a city in the Province of Punjab in Paksitan. It is also the administration headquarters of Chiniot District, in the state ofPunjabPakistan. It is located at Latitude: 31.7200 and Longitude: 72.9789. Its population is about 500,000. Around 40% of the population lives in the city while rest is living in villages. It is also located at the bank of river Chenab with the heads of small rocky hills. Boundaries are attached with Faisalabad, Jhang, Hafizabad and Sargodha. Chiniot was Tehsil of district Jhang and it was declared a separate district in February 2009. Chiniot is further divided in two Tehsil’s named as Bhuwana and Lalian. 


According to different sources, history of this city begins before capturing Multan by Mohammad Bin Qasim. Different castes of people from different schools of thoughts are living there. Chiniot is famous in all over world due to handicraft and carving on wooden utensils. Culture of this specific area is not much different from culture of Punjab province. Some individuals playing their roles in politics of Chiniot.

Chiniot Bazaar Square_Punjab_Pakistan

                                                                                                                Chiniot Bazaar Square

Provides Tourism sight:

This city provide a tourism sight and a great attractions for tourists. It is located at the point where Faisalabad-Sargodha road and Lahore-Jhang road meetup each other. It is 158 kilometres in the north-west from Lahore and 38 kilometres in North of Faisalabad. Chiniot city is spread over an area of 10 square kilometres with an average elevation of 179 meters (587 ft).

Important Places:

In Chiniot there are graves of some companions of Hazart Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) which means people are living there when Islam is start to spreading in subcontinent. There are also some sings found on the hills in regard of Buddhist school of thought as they constructed institutions for education in territory of Taxlia. Some four or five Mandirs are also there which shows that significant number of Hindus was living there before independence of Pakistan. Some shrines of Muslim Sufi’s are also there on the bank of river.

An old City:

Chiniot is too much old city as main roads and streets are too much thin, still too many old houses which were built on old patterns are still there. These houses are often called Khatrion Key Ghar, this is a Punjabi word which means houses if Hindus.

Chiniot and Chanab River_Punjab_Pakistan

                                                                                                            CHINIOT AND CHINAB RIVER

On the other side of river, Chenab Nagar (previouslyRabwah) city is located covered with the rocks is a great sight. In the center of river a (Committed) worship center (or Chilla Gah) of a great Muslim’s Sufi Bu Ali Shah Qalandar is located.


Chiniot city is divided in less than fifteen Mohallas and famous Mohallas are Raje Wali, Qaiziaan, Aali, Hussainabad, Usmanabad and etc. Different castes of people are living in different Mohallas. As far as religious school of thought is concerned around 35% to 40% population belongs to Fiqa e Jafria and the same percentage of population is divided in different schools of thoughts. A place which is called Chenab Nagar which is also known as Rabwah is dominated by Ahmedi’s school of thought. Ahmedi people are followers of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani. People belong to this group were declared as non Muslims by the constitution of Pakistan 1973.

Chinot Railway Track_Punjab_Pakistan

                                                                          Beautiful view of the Railway Bridge at River Chenab between Chiniot and Chenab

                                                                                           Nagar (Rabwa), built in 1929, still in good condition and in use.

Historical Area:

Chiniot forms a very important part of historical area of Chiniot. The history of Chiniot District is very old. It is said that Alexander of Macedonia passed through the district while going back to Greece. But first glimpse of this district appeared in Tuzk-e-Babari written by Zaheer-ud-Din Babar, the founder of the Mughal dynasty in India, in the year 1526 A.D.


The climate of the Chiniot changes every day. Annually climate of Chiniot maximum at 30.2 °C and minimum at 19.2 °C is being recorded.

Chinab River_Punjab_Pakistan

                                                                                                                       CHINAB RIVER



Generally, its neighbours include FaisalabadBhawanaLalianChenab Nagar (or Rabwah), Pindi Bhattian, and Aminpur (or Aminpur Bangla). The Bhawana is the richest one in terms of educated and employed human resource, a lot of which is holding high offices in the national bureaucracy. Aminpur is famous rest house built by British empire before independence of Pakistan at bank of Jhang Branch Canal.


Literacy rate of Chiniot city is comparatively high as compared to villages. There are too many schools, government schools along with private schools are contributing in education sector. The education over there is comparatively inexpensive from other cities. About 98% kids is school going in city. There are more than 20 high schools including private schools but Chiniot have only one degree college which is Govt. Islamia Degree College Chiniot

chenab college chiniot

                                                                                                                         Chenab college chiniot

Special Dishes:

People like to eat spicy food and their favorite food is Baryani. About each and every family cooks rice or Baryani on every Friday because Friday is off for most of them especially for workers of furniture markets. Their other favorite dish or recipe is Chiniot Kuna, Chinioti Kuna is made up of beef or mutton which is cooked in mud pot under soil. They mix each and every ingredient of recipe in Kuna which is a pot made up of mud, then they sealed the Kuna with flour as steam didn’t come out, then they place that Kuna on fire under soil. This item of food is famous in all over Pakistan and people often visit Chiniot from other cities to have or enjoy Chiniott Kuna.

Punjab College Chiniot_Punjab_Pakistan

                                                                                                                                  Punjab College Chiniot

Village types:

Villages are of two types according to size and population. One type is known as Chak and other type is known as Khoo, Tehain. Khoo and Tehain are purely Punjabi terms which mean small village which has less than 100 houses while on the other hand Chak refers to those villages which have more than 100 houses. Each and every small village has its own name while Chaks are known from their specific numbers.

Occupation of People:

Occupation of villagers is totally related to agriculture and live stock. Main crops which are cultivated in Chiniot are rice, wheat, sugarcane, peas, vegetables, potato, seasonal vegetables and corn. Land of Chiniot is very fertilize for agriculture purpose. Farmers irrigated their crops by two means, one is from canals and other is from tube wells. There are different social classes are living in village one is the rich and wealthy agriculturist. Rich people employed other for work and give them yearly wages and fulfill their all basic needs.

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