Soon Sakesar Valley

Soon Sakesar valley can be also called as Central Salt Range, located to the North West of Khushab city, administratively falls in District Khushab, Punjab Province, Pakistan. It is bounded by Potohar plateau to the north, Punjab Plains (Khushab plains) to the South, Indus River at some distance to the West of Sakesar Peak and Kalar Kahar near the eastern boundaries. Geographically valley is located between coordinates 32. 26′ 11″ to 32. 41′ 18″North and 71. 50′ 33″ to 72. 30′ 07″ East. Geographical Coordinates of Some important locations are given below for quick access,

It is one of the famous valleys of Pakistan. Naushera  is the main town of the Valley. The Valley starts from Padhrar village and end to Sakesar  that is the highest peak of Salt Range. The area of Soon Valley is 300-square-mile (780 km2). Although not as coold as the valleys up north, Soon valley consists of beautiful lakes, waterfalls, jungles, natural pools and ponds. Soon valley is also blessed with ancient civilization, natural resources, and fertile farms.

 Soon vallery soon valley 2 Uchhali lake

Places to Visit:

  • Lake Uchhali
  • Lake Khabikki
  • Lake Jahlar
  • Waterfalls at Kufri
  • Ambh Sharif
  • Kanahti Garden
  • Sodhi Garden
  • Khabakki Jheel
  • Daip Shareef & the hiking experiences of hills

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