Pindsultani Public Library

These days you do not see many book shops or library around, it was never a big habbit but recently after every one have gotten a smart phone people find time to spend in there mobile phones and not the books. There are still people who if given the chance will go for a hard and good read. Public library can solve this problem and therefore this library Pindsultani Public Library. Books are essential part of every person to shape his/her personality and prepare him for the challenges of life. People of Pindsultani made this effort to make sure that kids growing up have no shortage of books due to affordability or availability.

I have always felt the vacuum in me to not have read enough books growing up and I strongly feel that it helps a great deal to grow your mind and personality because of the knowledge and freedom you get from reading books, that was basic inspiration. To provide chance to people of my village to have access to books that otherwise might not be possible to afford for some of them.

Pindsultani Public Library was inaugurated on 11 November 2018 near Post Office Pindsultani. This Library is completely free for People of Pindsultani. People of other villages can also use this library but with some reference in village or an agreed up security fee.

Rules to become member of Pindsultani Public Library are pretty simple and easy to follow. If you are from Pindsultani you just need to bring your ID card and become member in few minutes. You can keep the book for 14 days, after which if you want to keep it for longer then you will need to get it re-issued. You can have maximum of 2 books at a time. You do need to provide a phone number when you become a member and every communication will be done through that.

Pindsultani Public Library has all sorts of books, having but not limited to categories like Poetry, Novels, People, Serat-e-Nabvi, Books of Modoodi sb, Tariq Jameel sb, Safar namaym App Beti etc. Books for kids have lot of variety too. Books are available in English and Urdu languages. Other then this we are subscribed with monthly around 10 magazines for kids.

People can enjoy a pleasant weather in Pindsultani Public Library as we have AC facility as well. Pindsultani Public Library is very beautiful from inside too, have a nice carpet, ceiling with lights, books are racked up category wise, you can read books there or can get them issued to read at home.We have all these books in a database where we also manage books issue history. Books can be easily searched from page.
We have over 2500 books available in the Pindsultani Public Library, this excludes monthly magazines that we have, which are over 2000 in total now.

Please do become a member, it’s easy and free and specially encourage your kids to join Pindsultani Public Library and make a habit of reading books.We have around 800 Library registered members.
We have around 3500 Books in our Library, Monthly magazines are not included in the count (We get around 8 monthly magazines , mostly kids).We have issued around 10,000 Books since its inauguration
Membership is totally free. We only register people who belong to our Village Pindsultani. From other villages only those who can have some reference in our village.

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