KharanĀ is aĀ districtĀ in theĀ BalochistanĀ province ofĀ Pakistan. Pakistan’s secondĀ nuclear testĀ was performed in theĀ Kharan desertĀ on May 30, 1998 with a miniaturized device yielding 60 percent of theĀ Ras KohĀ Hills tests.

This district includes a singleĀ tehsil, administratively divided into nineĀ union councils.

The people of Kharan speaks Balochi language. The population of this district was estimated to be over 234,400 in 2010.Ā Over 99% of the people of the district are Muslims. The population of the state is mainly Baloch tribes with some Brahui speaking Baloch scattered across the area. Nausherwanis are considered as the rulers of Kharan. Nausherwanis are considered as one of the most respected and educated tribe in Kharan.


Lajjay Kharan_Balochistan_Pakistan 3

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Rekoh Road Kharan_Balochistan_Pakistan


Jamia Masjid Kharan_Balochistan_Pakistan

desert Kharan_Balochistan_Pakistan


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