Madyan is a well known hill station of Swat District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. It is well known from his beauty and it is also called Switzerland of Asia.

Village Aryana Madyan Swat

In this city we can think that why Swat is so popular among the tourists, as it is a hilly station of Swat valley and its height from sea level is 1,320 m and about 55 km from Mingora, its mountains closed and the valley is almost in an extremely comfortable position.


It is about 4 thousand and 3 hundreds feet above the sea level, Madyan is not a too much cool place, but it is a larger town and has many hotels in all price ranges and some good tourist shopping. In the main street of Madyan you can buy different products there products include shawls, tribal jewellery, carved wood and antique or reproduced coins.Muambar Khan’s shop is famous shop in this street. Kohistan is in north of Madyan.In kohistan walking is not allowed without an armed guard. The central mosque at Madyan has carved wooden pillars with elegant scroll capitals, and its mud-plastered west wall is covered with relief designs in floral motifs. There are a lot of embroidered shawls in the Bazars of Madyan.


Madyan Swat valley

Jare Qandil Madyan Swat