Kazi Ahmed

Kazi Ahmed also written as Qazi Ahmad is a town in Shaheed Benazir Abad District (formerly Nawabshah District), Sindh province, Pakistan.


About 250 years ago Sain Haji Qazi Ahmed migrated from DIM Sharif to Mail Kandi now called Qazi Ahmed.Qazi Ahmad (RA) bestowed upon his following disciples so graciously that among them over 360 established their own dargahs in Sindh, Punjab & other parts of India.


It lies on the national highway between MORO and SAKRAND cities.

Famous for:

Kazi Ahmed is well known about his famous garden (NAZ BAGH).


The access to this city is through roads which are:

N-5 National Highway (kilometre marker 275).
Nawabshah to Qazi Ahmed Road.
Qazi Ahmed to Daur
Qazi Ahmed to lakhat

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