Adezai is a historic village of Peshawar District in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan, The village is also the administrative centre of Adezai Union Council – which is an administrative subdivision of Peshawar Tehsil. Like Peshawar, this area contains many historic sites. The area contains a ruin on a mound called “Sikh dheri”. Adezai’s land is very fertile and agriculture has long been the dominant occupation of its people.

The village of Adezai was inhabited by an old woman with her three sons, Khalil, Wali and Habib. Later on the village was sub divided among the three, with the name of Khali Zai, Wali Zai and Habib Zai. The village has suffered immensely from the recent terrorist activities.

This village had a high school, Higher secondary school Adezai which was the single institution for learning of the surrounding villages and for the tribal area also for many years.The school was terribly damaged in a terrorist attack in the spring of 2011. Besides the village has primary education facilities. There are two main primary schools for boys and two primary and one middle school for girl. The Conditions of these schools are very bad and most of the time teachers are not available. . Adezai has produced some massive talents. Village Adezai is surrounded by Village Mattani at West, FR Peshawar at South, Village Passani at East and its Northern Side is touched with Village Bada ber. All of its population are Pashtuns and belongs to the Khalil Mohmand tribe. All are followers of Islam. This village is further divided into two parts called Khalizai and Ulizai.

Places to Visit:

  • Awayy
  • Sandasar
  • Lalma
  • Khandaq

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