Hunza is probably Pakistan’s most visited valley, by the tourists. It is a fairy tale land surrounded by beautiful rugged & snow capped mountains. Only at a distance of 100 Kms from Gilgit. This is a small town on Karakorum Highway. At the altitude of 7000 – 800 feet it is the first main town or stop if you are entering Pakistan from China.

For many centuries it has provided the quickest access to Swat and Gandhara (in modern north Pakistan) for a person on foot. The route was impassible to baggage animals, only human porters could get through, and then only with permission from the locals.

This valley has three parts, not divided administratively but ethnically: Gojal, mainly populated with Wakhi speakers; Central, with Brushaski speaking people and Shinaki, the Shina speaking people. Brushaski is understood throughout it.

The central Hunza known as Karimabad is basically a town of just 6 villages. The first main villages as you come from Gilgit on the main Karakorum Highway is Aliabad. There there are spectacular views of  Rakaposhi mountain (7788 meters), PTDC Motel Hunza and other small hotels are located on the main Karakorum highway here.

It is undoubtly the Shangri-la of James Hilton’s novel The Lost Horizon. It is probably the most Photogenic point in the world.

Seasons of this valley:

 It is one of those palces which is blessed with four seasons,

1) Spring (March – April)

2) Summer (May – August)

3) Autumn (September – Novermber)

4) Winter (December – February)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Hopar Glacier Hunza River Hunza Valley 2 Hunza Valley

Places in this valley:

  •  Hopar Glacier
  • Rakaposhi Views
  • Colourful Passu
  • Shimshal Valley
  • The Hunza River
  • Fruit Orchards
  • Khunjerab Pass
  • Karimabad
  • Duikar
  • Nagar & Hoper
  • Baltit Fort


The local languages spoken includeBurushaski, Wakhi and Shina, although many people understand Urdu. The literacy rate of the this valley is believed to be more than 95%.

Hotels in Karimabad Hunza:

  • Hunza Baltit Inn Hunza
  • Sarai Silk Road Hunza
  • Eagles nest Duikar Hunza
  • Hunza Hilltop Hotel Hunza
  • PTDC Motel Hunza Hunza
  • PTDC Motel Sust Hunza
  • Gulmit Silk Route Lodge Gulmit
  • Passu Touris inn Gulmit
  • Passu Tourist inn Gulmit
  • Marcopolo Inn Gulmit Gulmit
  • Marcopolo Inn Gulmit Gulmit
  • Passu Tourist inn Gulmit
  • Gulmit Silk Route Lodge Gulmit

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