Tehsil Jand District Attock , Punjab

Jand is a Tehsil of Attock District in the Punjab Province of Pakistan. Jand Tehsil is located about 100 km southwest of the capital Islamabad. This city is a border city between Punjab and KPK. The river Indus is passing at a distance of about 5 km from the city of Jund. Tehsil Jand has been divided into several union councils which are as follows: Pindsultani, Mithial, Basal, Chhab, Jaba, Khanda, Langar, Domel, Chhapri, Makhad, Saghri, Dakhnir, Tarab, Jalwal. Tehsil Jand was established around 1985.

The borders of Tehsil Jand are as follows, some villages of Jand on the western border which are bordered by Kohat, Mianwali district on the south and Talagang Tehsil on the southeast side – District Chakwal and Tehsil. Pindi Gheb, Tehsil Fateh Jang on the east side and Kala Chatta mountain range on the north. The total area of ​​Tehsil Jand is 571957 acres. Out of the total area, about 240952 acres of land is agricultural i.e. cultivated, 30882 acres is barren land and 69714 acres is forest.

Tehsil Jand consists of 82 villages. According to the 1998 census, the total population of Tehsil Jand was 228,349 people, of which 107,825 were males and 120,497 were females. The area of ​​tehsil Jand is very beautiful and mostly green and some hill ranges but it is worth visiting.

If we talk about Jand city, then Jand city is a busy city, there are banks, government and private schools and colleges in Jand and there is also a virtual university campus in Jand city. Also a bazaar within the city of Jand which is quite busy and quite crowded. There is also a railway station in the city of Jand, which is known as the Jand Railway Station, but there are railway stations in many villages in the tehsil of Jand, including Langar, Chora Sharif, Namal, Domel, Basal, Basal Sharif, Sulaiman abad Railway Station.

There is also a railway station in Pind Sultani village but that station is built by a young man under your help where no train comes but this railway station built in the forests looks very beautiful and people also come here for tourism. A waterfall has also been built here. The number of banks in Tehsil Jand is also quite large, some in the city and some in the villages, such as National Bank of Pakistan and Muslim Commercial Bank Limited in Pind Soltani village, Muslim Commercial Bank Limited and Punjab Bank in Mithial village, and Punjab Bank in Thatta village.

Al Habib Bank Limited is Pind Sultani village of Tehsil Jand which is also a Union Council has a public library which issues free books to the local people. There are also colleges in the villages of  in Tehsil Jand city, including Punjab College Jand, Indus Group of Colleges in a private college in  village of Jand, and a private college in Pand sultani village that has a distinct identity of its own in its area by the name of Islamia School and College.

There are also dams in some villages in tehsil Jand, which are some big dams, Jabi dam and Bisalwala dam are seen here, people also come here for sightseeing because they offer very good scenery. Most of the people of Tehsil Jand do farming, some government and private jobs are dogs which include Pak Army, Navy, Air Force etc.

The people of Tehsil Jand are literate, some of them are Journalists, Colonels, Brigadiers, Assistant Commissioners, Scientists and Engineers. There is a lot of wheat, gram, corn and peanuts etc. on the land of Tehsil Jand, which increase the importance of this area. Similarly, vegetables are also grown a lot. There is also a gas plant in Tehsil Jand and gas is provided to the city of Jund. However, the surrounding areas have been deprived of it.

In Domel, a village of Tehsil Jand, the second largest cattle market of Attock district is held on Fridays, where people come from far and wide to buy and sell.