Shahdadkot is the most populated town of Qamber Shahdadkot District of Sindh, Pakistan.


Shahdakot is named after Shahdad Khan who is believed to be Khuhawar. Its full name Silra Shahdadkot came from the strong historical relations between the two communities i-e Khuhawars and Silra’s, and to highlight contribution of Silra community for the city. The official name of Shahdadkot is Silra Shahdadkot however it is mostly known by its shortened name.


It is located at the Latitude of 27°51′0″ North and Longitude of 67°54′0″ East. It is located around 44 kilometres northwest of Larkana and 32 kilometers north of Kambar. It is on the border of Sindh province with Balochistan province in the west and north.

Village Hamza Chacha Kamber shahdadkot



Shahdadkot has a population of around 400,000 people.


Main languages spoken in Shahdadkot are Sindhi, Seraiki, Balochi, Urdu and Brohi.


Majority of the central part of the town is inhabited by Sindhi Shaikh, Muhajirs and Sindhi Hindus. Other Sindhi clans include Isran, Mangi, Junejo, Buriro, Abro,Soomro, Wadho, Bhatti, Khokhar, Channo and Memon. Shahdadkot is also inhabited by a number of Baloch clans who migrated to Shahdadkot from Balochistan province in the past. Baloch clans include Mastoi, Jarwar, Brohi, Magsi, Kalyar, Bojani, Jagirani, Chandio, Khushk, Khoso, Mugheri, Jamali and Buledi.

Land of the town:

Most of the land around shahdadkot belonged to Khuhawar’s, hindus and silra community.

Khuhawar tribe:

Khuhawar tribe is known for its generous contributions for the city, having the highest land holding by any tribe, donated city plots for development and prosperity of the city, such as for library, public schools, SGS gas office, stadium etc to the government.

Darbar-e-Hussain A.s Shahdadkot

                                                                                                                            Darbar-e-Hussain A.s Shahdadko 

Rice Trade:

This city has been inclusive of new communities that enabled the city to thrive, emerging as rice trading capital of both Sind and Balochistan. Besides sindhi and baloch communities, Kamboh (Pubnjabi settlers) community is very active in trade and local politics. Its estimated that there are over 120 rice husking mills in shahdadkot. City is also strategically important because of its transit route between iran, sindh and balochistan.


This city is one of the hottest places in Pakistan. In summer, temperatures can reach 52 °C (126 °F). The humid and hot weather is essential for the cultivation of peddy, making Shahdadkot the second largest market of peddy and rice in Sindh province.


                                                                                                   People of Shahdadkot, SINDH.

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