Buner District is a district of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan.

The Buner Valley lies on the Mardan District and Sawabai border of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It is a small mountain valley, dotted with villages and divided into seven sub-divisions.  Its boundries are attached with five districts, Shangla, Swat, Mansehra (Kala Dhaka), Swabi and Mardan. The Mora Hills and the Ilam range divide it from the Swat Valley, the Sinawar range from Yusafzai, the Guru mountains from the Chamla valley, and the Duma range from the Puran Valley. District Buner is comprised of one Tehsil Dagar, seven Sub Tehsils, Chamla Amazai, Khadoo Khel, Dagar, Chagharzai, Salarzai, Gadezai, Gagra and Twenty Seven union councils. In spite of the lack of infrastructure and other facilities, it is one of the most beautiful districts of KPK regarding natural beauty. The people of Buner are famous for their hospitality, simplicity and honesty. Buner is divided in Upper-Buner and Lower-Buner. Upper-Buner has very pleasant climate, however Lower-Buner is comparatively hot.  Until the year 2000 it was a part of Malakand Division – until this division was abolished.Total Area of Buner is 1865 Sq Km. Its total Population is 0.506 Million. Its Literacy Ratio is  22.6% (Male 38.20% and Female 7.7 &). Agricultural Land is 1, 36,880 Acres. Irrigated Land is  37,316 Acres. Its Area is  1743.67 Sq Km i.e. 4, 25,757 Acres.

The district is divided into tehsils. The district headquarter is Daggar.

The district has three constituencies in the Provincial Assembly of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Buner City2


Buner contains a village named Pir Baba near the mountains Elum Ghar and Dua Saray Ghar. Kinger Gali is the last border of district Buner which shares borders with Mardan and Malakand Agency. On the border of Buner with Mardan is the village of Ambela. Karapa is the central village of district Buner. It is situated between Swari which is the biggest Bazar of District Buner and Daggar tehsil which is the headquarters of Buner. Sarmalangbaba is just 14 miles from Swari and Daggar and bordering with Mardan District. The present government of ANP is building a new road through Sarmalangbaba which will be the shortest route between Swari and Mardan.




It is very hard to write every thing about Buner Valley’s thousands of years old culture. The culture of the people of Buner Valley has been evolved over time but it still is alive. It still represent our cultural integrity. Here is just a little touch to Buner Valley’s Culture.

Buner is the home of the descendants of the Yousafzai tribe of Pakhtoons and other ethnic groups such as Sayeds, Gujars, Ajars as well as some non-Muslims groups such as Sikhs and Hindus. The people of Buner are known as Bunerwal after the name of their home land Buner. The basic values of the people of Buner are similar to other Pakhtoons, but certain traits are unique to the area.

The main language spoken in Buner is Pashto. Some non-Pakhtoons speak in their native tongue while others speak Pashto in their daily lives. Example is that “Ajars” and “Gujars” also speak Ajari and Gujari languages respectively. The influence of other languages like Urdu and English is rare, but unlike the uneducated pakhtoons of the past, the educated class of the society is constantly replacing the original Pashto words with the Urdu or English counterparts. Hence words are disappearing from the spoken language which may result over time in the disappearance of the original language.


The District for revenue administration is divided into six Tehsils naming Gadezai, Daggar, Gagra, Chagharzai, Chamla, and Totalai. Buner is one of the less developed District of the North West Frontier Province. Less then 40% of the population has the luxury of electricty. Swari and Pir Baba bazaars are main urban centers. Chinglai, Totalai, Torwarsak, Joowar, Daggar pul, Daggar Kaley, Kalpanai and Dewana baba also have small Bazars.

Educational Institutions In Buner Valley

There are total 4 colleges in Buner in which 3 are of male and 1 is of female. There are total 6 Higher Secondary Schools in which 4 are of male and 2 are of female. There are 52 High Schools in which 37 are of male and 15 are of female. There are 66 Middle Schools in which 46 schools are of male and 30 schools are of female. There are 583 Primary schools in Buner in which 426 are of male and rest are of female. There is also 1 poly technique college in Buner.

Govt Boys College Buner



Elum Ghar is a mountain of Pir Baba in the Buner District of the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan. It lies on the west-side of Pir Baba. Its height is approximately 2,800 metres, Mingora, a city of Swat Valley, can be seen from the top of Elum mountain.

Hiking this mountain is a popular activity due to the many gushing streams and beautiful lakes that can be seen while going up the mountain.

Elum Ghar, Buner


Peryano Dand is a rectangular natural lake on the Elum Ghar mountain in Pir Baba, Buner District, North-West Frontier Province, Pakistan.

The lake is actually hosted by a bowl like huge rock. It is surrounded by very high rocks from three sides. It is roughly 20 meters by 10 meters. It stretches east-west in length and north-south in width. Its depth varies from 2 feet to 10 feet. It is shallow on its eastern edge, but very deep on other three sides, especially the north-west side where the waterfall gushes down. There are rocks of different sizes on the eastern side, but the rest of the lake’s bottom is sand.

The sandy bottom and pleasant scenery make Peryano Dand a popular spot for swimming and diving. The lake is reachable by a substantial hike.

Weather around the lake is cool year-round.

Kinger Gali, Buner



Buner is full of naturel resources. The need is to explore and discover all those resources. This will create jobs and bring happiness in the valley. And so many of the residents of the valley will not have to go abroad for jobs.

The mountains of Buner District are rich in various mines and very little efforts have been made in this regard in the past. However, marble industry is well developed in the area. There are around 150  marble industries in Buner District and about 40-50 marble industries are under construction.

  • Marble sources and export
  • Tobacco Export
  • Limited Resources of Fishing
  • Cultivation of other different crops
  • Tourism
  •  Sources for feeding live stock
  • Wheat Crop

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