Dera Bugti

Dera Bugti is a district within the Balochistan province of Pakistan.

Until July 1983 the areas now comprising Dera Bugti Agency (DBA) were ­ included in Kohlu Agency.

The Agency is named after its headquarter town `Dera Bugti’. Dera (a Balochi word) means `abode’ or `habitat’, while `Bugti’ is the name of a Baloch tribe. Thus `Dera Bugti’ means the abode of the Bugtis the dominant tribe of this Agency. 

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History of Colonial Administration
The Bugti territory was one of the last territories to fall to the British Colonial rule. The Bugtis defied the British imperialism’s force with great courage and fought a number of battles against the British troops during the nineteenth century. They had, however, to come to truce in the last quarter of the 19th century when the British Government’s rule extended to what is now Dera Bugti Agency. The latter consti­tuted then a part of a wider administrative unit, Sibi district. 

Post-Independence Period
Until 1974, DBA territory was administered as a part of Sibi district. In 1974, the latter was re-organized to create Nasirabad district and Kohlu Agency. DBA territory was included in Kohlu Agency from which it was detached in July 1983 to create what is now Dera Bugti Agency. 

Important Places/Buildings
DBA doesn’t have many places of tourists interest except the fort of Nawab Mohammad Akbar Khan Bugti and the Sui gas installation at Sui town.

Sui - Dera Bugti Sui Road Dera Bugti Dera Bugti 4 Dera Bugti Dera Bugti1 Hill_region_of_Dera_Bugti

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