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Killa Saifullah, Qilla Saifullah, (Fort of Saifullah Khan) is a district in northwestern Balochistan province, Pakistan. Saifullah Khan was a brave warrior of Khoidadzai, in the Meerdadzai/Mirdadzai, a sub tribe of Kakar Sunzerkhel. A part of Zhob was named after him because of his bravery. Killa Saifullah is one of the central cities of Balochistan. It has great value because of its agricultural products.

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Killa Saifullah became a district on 14 December 1988. Qilla Saifullah used to be part of Fort Sandaman (Appozai District) and known as Zhob sub-division. In 2006 Kashatoo sub-tehsil of Zhob District was transferred to Qilla Saifullah district with a new name, Badinai. After the inclusion of Badinai sub-tehsil, (whose area is not known) in Qilla Saifullah District, the district was re-organised as far as administrative division is concerned.

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Now this district is divided into two sub-divisions: Qilla Saifullah and Muslim Bagh. Kila Saifullah sub-division comprises one tehsil (Killa Saifullah) and one sub-tehsil (Badinai). Killa Saifullah tehsil is further sub-divided into 2 Qanungo circles and then into 5 patwar circles. This district is about 135 km south to Quetta. It is an important district of Pushtun Districts of Balochistan. Nebiouring Districts Are Zhob, Loralai, Pishin. Its boder are linked With the nebiouring Country Afghanistan. Killa Saifullah, Killa Saifullah or Saifullah Killa (fort of Saifullah Khan) is a district in the north west of Balochistan province of Pakistan, 135 KM from Quetta, the Provincial Capital. Killa Saifullah was diistrict notified on 14 December 1988.

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