Rawalpindi , commonly known as Pindi, is a city in the Pothohar region of Pakistan.Rawalpindi is only located 9 miles from the city of Islamabad, in the province of Punjab. Rawalpindi is the Fourth in the List of most populous metropolitan areas in Pakistan. In the 1950s, Rawalpindi was smaller than Hyderabad and Multan, but the city’s economy received a boost during the building of Islamabad (1959–1969), when Rawalpindi served as the national capital.

It contains the Murree hills and the sanatorium of the same name, the chief hill station in the Punjab. The chief rivers are the Indus and the Jhelum, and the climate is noted for its health benefits.

  • Kohinoor Textile Mills is the largest unit in the district.
  • Bahria Town, the largest real-estate developers and Investors in Pakistan and the largest private housing society in Asia has its signature investment in Rawalpindi, which is spread over 40,000 Hectares.
  • Murree Brewery one of the largest company in the heart of the city, is the only licensed company in Pakistan to make alcoholic products.

The city has an array of stadiums and grounds to meet the needs of all the popular sports played in the country. Rawalpindi is home to some of the many recognized players in the history of Pakistani cricket and is known to produce high-quality fast-bowlers. The most notable of the lot is the maverick paceman Shoaib Akhtar, known as the Rawalpindi Express.

Places to Visit

  • Ayub Park
  • Rohtas fort
  • Cricket Stadium
  • Rawal Lake
  • Raja bazar