Makli Graveyard

Makli Graveyard is a graveyard in city Thatta in province of Sindh, Pakistan. An eternal abode to hundreds of thousands who died over the ages, Makli graveyard is the ancient one and the largest necropolis in the world. Situated at Makli Hills, next to once the cradle of civilization, the Thatta city, some 98 kilometers east of Karachi, the graveyard spreads on over 10 square kilometers. Here in eternal sleep lie kings, queens, scholars, philosophers and soldiers of a by-gone era – an era renowned for its culture and learning. … Read More >Makli Graveyard

Shah Jahan Mosque

The Shah Jahan Mosque is located in Thatta in province Sindh of Pakistan. Its name was kept as Shah Jahan Mosque because it was built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. In the town of Thatta (100 km / 60 miles from Karachi) itself, there is famous Shahjahani Mosque with its beautiful architecture. This Mosque was constructed by the eponymous Emperor as a gift to the people of Sindh. It is built predominantly of heavy brick and is laid out in the usual quadrilateral arrangement with a large (52 x 30 meter) courtyard at its center. … Read More >Shah Jahan Mosque