Khuiratta, Khoi Ratta also known as Wadi e Bnah, is a very nice place 160 kms east to Islamabad. It’s located in Kotli which is a district and main city of Azad Kashmir.very nice and worth seeing place. its most area consists of a valley which is named the Bannah valley. All basic needs of everyday life are provided, like electricity, telephone, hospitals and a good networks of roads throughout the whole valley. You can easily find the hotels, restaurants, and other everyday needs of life. People of Khuiratta are very polite, civilized, and well-educated. Khuiratta city, located near the control line between Indian occupied Kashmir and Azad Kashmir.
Its vibrant town, at an elevation of 2570 meters above sea-level is most famous for the annual Vasakhi mela (spring festival). Thousands of people from the Kotli, other adjoining districts and even Pakistani & Indian Punjab flock to the festival in spring to watch sports, animal parades and horticultural displays. The nearby Banah is a beautiful area full of natural springs and .


It is situated very close to the Line Of Control, only 8 km away, the temporary border between Indian held Kashmir and Pakistani held Kashmir. It has some notable small towns and villages namely Khore bhera, Dhaana,Roshan Abad(formly Andha), Gohra,pathan mohrha, Barooth, Katasery, Chirri,Battal Barie,Samlaar,Plaana, Darbar Mai Toti, Dharaa,khore kalla chamber, Nidi Sohana. Khore Rachalla, Khore Graan, Mohajar Colony (Chauhan Colony), Gheyaien, Serri Manjwar , Broat Gala, Anderla Kotehra, Phalni, Bandli, Karjai, Saidpoor, Darkala, Bain Thalla, Dehari Baagh, Bindian, Bhiyal, Dheri Sahibzadian, Manjwaal, Thill, Hill Mughalan, Banni Bannah, Sehore, Phehan and Dmandah.

Khui Ratta is connected with Kotli via a road through Manila.

:Places to Visit

  • Sahibzadian
  • Sairi
  • Manjwal
  • Phaln
  • Bhayyal
  • Gayen
  • Karjai deehari bagh mai toti and chattar.