Pallandri is a small town, situated in the Sudhanoti District, in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. It is the headquarters of Sudhanoti District and Tehsil Pallandri. It was the first capital of Azad Kashmir and is about 94 kilometres away from Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan.

Pallandri was tehsil of Poonch District, until the district was split into Poonch and Sudhanoti. Pallandri is now the headquarters of Sudhanoti District.

Sometimes, the town’s new name of Sudhanoti District is still used but mostly people use its old name Pallandri. The town has a hilly landscape and many historical forts.

The town has a hilly landscape and many historical forts.


Temperature in summer is almost 20 to 35 °C and in winter -5 to 25 °C. In winter, one may see snow on the nearby mountains. Pallandri is the hometown of Colonel Khan Muhammad Khan.

Sudhanoti District is divided into three tehsils: Pallandri, Mang, and Trarkhal.[2] Pullandri is the district headquarters. It is at an elevation of 1372 meters and is at a distance of 97 kilometers from Rawalpindi via Azad Pattan. The district is connected to Rawalakot by a 64-km metalled road. Sudhanoti was carved out of Poonch district in 1995. The district is bounded by Poonch District in the north, Kotli in the south, and Punjab in the west. The total area of the district is 569 square kilometres.


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