Trip to Karachi

I was long planning to go to Karachi but there were quite a few obstacles in that. First and most important was to convince my parents to let me go, as a common perception about Karachi’s situation they were not letting me go. Second issue was financial, Bus takes almost a day and then one will need at-least a day to get fresh-up and by air was expensive. Third issue was time; I would need at-least a week off from office. … Read More >Trip to Karachi


Islamabad is capital of Pakistan. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the South Asian region. Wide, tree-lined streets adorn the various sectors and zones of the city, making it accessible and spectacular. Administratively, the city is located within the Islamabad Capital Territory, which is federally controlled, even though historically this city has been a part of the Punjab province; more specifically the Potohar Plateau … Read More >Islamabad