Kashmor or Kashmore is a town in province Sindh of Pakistan. It is a tehsil and the administrative centre for Kashmor District in the Sindh.


Kashmor city is a gateway to Punjab Pakistan and Balochistan. Kashmor district is situated in northern part of Sindh, bordering GhotkiJacobabadShikarpur and Sukkur within Sindh. It also borders Balochistan on one side and Punjab on the other. The Indus river runs through the Eastern side of Kashmor district. The southeastern side of Kashmor district has forest of (Kacha) that support wild animals. The Thar desert falls on the Eastern side of the district, and is home to wild desert animals.

Mithan Kot Railway Station

                                                                                                                                   Mithan Kot Railway Station Kashmore


The main language of the people of this city is Sindhi while other languages are also spoken by the people. About 90% of the population speaks Sindhi. Urdu is the national language so it is spoken and understood. English is also understood and spoken by the educated people.


The population of this city is abput 350,000.


Kashmor is divided into three tehsilsTangwaniKandhkot and Kashmor.Kandhkot is the district headquarters of Kashmor, and also an old city that lies on the right side of the Indus river. 

Cattle Market:

Kashmor has a large cattle market.


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