Gudwara of Kot Fateh Khan

This Gurdwara is in Kot Fateh village about 10 km from Main Kohat Road in Tehsil Fateh Jang.

Gudwara Kot Fateh Khan is a historical Sikh temple located in the city of Kot Fateh Khan in the Punjab province of Pakistan. The gurdwara, also known as Gurdwara Janam Asthan Sri Guru Ram Das Ji, marks the birthplace of the fourth Sikh Guru, Guru Ram Das.

The gurdwara was constructed in the early 20th century and has been a significant pilgrimage site for Sikhs from around the world. The temple complex includes a large prayer hall, a sarovar (sacred pool) for ritual bathing, and several other smaller shrines and halls. The gurdwara is also home to a museum dedicated to the life and teachings of Guru Ram Das.

Guru Ram Das was born in the city of Lahore in 1534 and later moved to Kot Fateh Khan, where he spent much of his early life. He was a spiritual leader and a poet, and his teachings continue to be an important part of the Sikh faith. He is known for his emphasis on devotion and selfless service, and for his contributions to the development of the Sikh community.

The gurdwara is a major pilgrimage site for Sikhs, who come from all over the world to pay their respects and to seek blessings. The temple complex is open to people of all faiths and visitors are welcome to take part in the daily prayers and rituals. The gurdwara also serves as a community center for the local Sikh population and is a meeting place for religious and cultural events.

Overall, Gurdwara Kot Fateh Khan is an important historical and religious site for Sikhs and a must-visit destination for anyone interested in the history and culture of the Sikh community. It is a peaceful and spiritual place where visitors can learn about the life and teachings of Guru Ram Das and gain a deeper understanding of the Sikh faith.