Swabi District is the fourth most populous district of the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa inPakistan. It lies between the Indus and Kabul Rivers.Pashto is main language spoken in a specific dialect. Gujri and Punjabi Language (in Hindko dialect) are spoken by …


Surab is located in Province Balochistan of Pakistan. It is a town of Kalat District in the Balochistan. The largest tribe of the Surab is Nausherwani, Mirwani. The climate of Surab is cold. In Summer it has maximum temperature of 27 degrees Celsius and in winter it is too cold here.
The population of this town are all muslims and speak Balochi language.


Sukkur, or Sakharu  formerly Aror and Bakar, is the third largest city of Sindh province, situated on the west bank of Indus River in Pakistan in Sukkur District. However, the …


Sui is a sub-district of Dera Bugti District in Balochistan, Pakistan. The Sui gas field is located near Sui town. Town of sui is at the corner where the provinces of Baluchistan, Sindh and Punjab meet. About 9 km from Punjab, 10 km from Sindh. River indus flows 25 km to the East of it. It is 40 km south of Dera Bugti. Sui has gas compression facilities from where Natural gas is pipe-lined to nearby Punjab and Sindh towns. It is also pipelined to Quetta the largest city of Balochistan about 200 miles away.

South Waziristan

South Waziristan is a mountainous area of North-Western part of Pakistan. It borders with Afghanistan and covers an area of approximately 6,620 square kilometers. Waziristan is divided into two agencies for administrative purposes (South and North). It comprises the area west and south west of Peshawar

Soon Sakesar Valley

Soon Sakesar valley can be also called as Central Salt Range, located to the North West of Khushab city, administratively falls in District Khushab, Punjab Province, Pakistan. It is bounded …


Sohawa is a city in province Punjab of Pakistan. It is an administrative sub-division (tehsil) of Jhelum District, situated in the Punjab. According to folk etymology the original name was Soo Awa which means “100 fences of potters. Sohawa is situated in north-western part of the district Jhelum, Punjab lies on GT road between Gujar Khan and Dina. Its geographical coordinates are 32° 49′ 30″ North, 73° 45′ 55”.


The Skardu Valley is located in the Northern Areas of Pakistan. The valley is about 10km wide and 40km long. It is at the confluece of the River Shigar and River Indus. It surrounded by …


Sibi is a city of Balochistan province of Pakistan. The city is located at 29°33’0N 67°52’60E at an altitude of 130 metres (429 feet) and is headquarters of the district and tehsil of the same name. According to the 2001 census of Pakistan the population of Sibi is 52,100.

The climate of Sibi is a hot deserted notable for its exceptionally hot summers with the average maximum reaching 47.0 °C in June and July. Winters are mild, and nights can even be quite chilly with temperatures approaching 0 °C.


Sialkot  is a city and capital of Sialkot District located in the north-east of the Punjab province in Pakistan and is 13th in the List of most populated metropolitan areas in Pakistan. It is located at the foot …

Shingardar Stupa

Shingardar Stupa lies in city Swat of Pakistan. It is located in village Shingardar (a village between Ghalegay and Barikot), it is about three kilometres from Barikot. You will get a glance of a magnificent Buddhist Stupa on the right side. Just about one and a half km away from this stupa, one can see large figures of Buddha carved on the rock.


Shikarpur  is small city and the capital of Shikarpur District in Sindh province of Pakistan. It is situated about 29 km west of the right bank of the Indus, with a …