Azad Kashmir


Rawalakot is a town in Azad Kashmir, and is the district headquarter of Poonch Division and Poonch District. It is in a beautiful valley surrounded by hills.

Rawalakot is approximately 76 kilometres (47 mi) from Kohala, Pakistan and about 120 km (75 mi) from the city of Rawalpindi.

Rawalakot and its surrounding areas have a population of over 500,000. Its population includes overwhelming


Poonch is one of the eight districts of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. Poonch district borders Indian-administered Kashmir that comes under the Kashmir section which is part of the greater dispute between India and Pakistan.

The capital of the district is Rawalakot with the Sudhan, Awans tribes being the dominant groups in the district. This region has produced numerous business, political and military leaders.


Pallandri is a small town, situated in the Sudhanoti District, in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. It is the headquarters of Sudhanoti District and Tehsil Pallandri. It was the first capital of Azad Kashmir and is about 94 kilometres away from Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan.

Pallandri was tehsil of Poonch District, until the district was split into ………….


Muzaffarabad, the capital of the Azad State of Jammu & Kashmir, is situated at the confluence of the Jhelum & Neelum rivers. It is at a distance of 138 kilometers …


Initially name Kotli was originated from two words, those were spoke for a small population of local village.These names were koh and talay, which means that a population under mountains. …


Khuiratta, Khoi Ratta also known as Wadi e Bnah, is a very nice place 160 kms east to Islamabad. It’s located in Kotli which is a district and main city of Azad Kashmir.very …


Bhimber, administratively declared as an independent district in 1996, was a sub division of district Mirpur.Total area is about 1,516 km2 (585 sq mi). This district is very rich in Archaeology and wildlife, whereas, its enchanting valleys present panoramic views to the visitors. Bhimber town is located at a distance of 50 kilometre from Mirpur and 166 kilometre from Rawalpindi.


District headquarters of district Bagh is 100 Kilometers from Muzaffarabad via Kohallah & 80 Kilometers via Suddhen Gali, 205 Kilometers from Islamabad and 48 kilometers from Rawalakot. The Area of district Bagh is 1368 sq km having population estimated in 1994 about 0.443 million. Topographically this district falls into mountainous zone. Administratively, district Bagh has two sub-divisions namely Bagh and Dhirkot.


Mirpur Azad Kashmir is the largest and beautiful city in Azad Kashmir. There are many other cites in the world with the name Mirpur (in India, Bangladesh and in Pakistan), …