Lahore trip

It was a long time waiting, I have been planning to go Lahore for a “khapa” trip for long time now, So that time finally came. I am living in Islamabad so this time I choose not to drive to Lahore as I was alone.
So now I had to think on how to go there, options were by bus or a train. I have been in love with Trains and Railway Stations for long but I rarely get to ride on it. So this I was firm on using Train for one side, as timing was suiting me for Islamabad to Lahore so I choose to go by Train from Islamabad to Lahore using Islamabad Express.
Islamabad Express train leaves from Margla Railway Station Islamabad at 05:15PM and reaches Lahore at 10:30PM as per there website I went onto there website and purchased a ticket for 1010PKR (10 Rs for Dam fund) using JazzCash for Friday 15th March 2019. I must say its very easy to buy tickets now.
So now I had to get ticket for return and I decided to spend extra money to check the new Qconnect bus service. Qconnect bus service only works from Islamabad to Lahore and return. I bought ticket using there website for whopping 3500 PKR. Its steep yes but I wanted to try, so what can we say 🙂

So there comes the time and day for my departure from Islamabad. My office is in I-8 so it was quite convenient for me to reach Margla Railway Station Islamabad as it was in I-9. I reached Station at 05:10PM approx. Train left the station around 05:25PM (almost 10 minutes late).
This train takes 2 stops, first at Rawalpindi Station for 20 minutes and then Chaklala Station for 2 minutes. After some time during the travel, staff serving meals, they were serving it like it were free but they were not. Meal had one chicken piece, Sandwich and fires, it was for 260 Rs, I wouldn’t say it was expensive provided it was hot and fresh. They were also serving tea and cofee for 30 and 60 Rs. Rest of the way went ok, we reached Lahore Railway Station on time at 10:30PM.

Qamar was waiting there for me, as I only come for a weekend so we had no time to waste so we didn’t waste any. We planned to go to Butt Karahi but as I just had Butt Karahi 2 days ago from Islamabad so we changed plan and went to Amratsari Hareesa which was close to Lakshmi chowk.

We ordered one bowl of Amratsari Hareesa which was for 480 PKR, We were 2 people and it was enough for us. We got Nans with it and had a go at it. It was Yummish, we were told that its made with mutton kabab, we can see the pieces as its not all creamy like normal Haleem we eat. What ever it was , it was very good and we thoroughly enjoyed it. One problem with Amratsari Hareesa resturant was that it had an okish sitting place , only mineral water and no glasses which was strange to hear for from a Lahori street restaurant.

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