Qila Didar Singh

Qalla Didar Singh is a town of Gujranwala District, Punjab, Pakistan. In 2007, Qalla Didar Singh was administratively upgraded to City Town, one of four in the Gujranwala District. The origin of the name of the town is related to a Sikh land owner called Didar Singh. It is located at Latitude of 32°8′ N and Longitude of 74°1′ E. It is in the west of Gujranwala city which is the district capital. Qila Didar Singh lies on the Gujranwala-Hafizabad Road, 17 km west of Gujranwala. Its population was estimated to be 54,849 in 2005. … Read More >Qila Didar Singh

Pir Mahal

Pir Mahal is a capital city of Pir Mahal Tehsil in the Punjab province of Pakistan. Pir Mahal in central Punjab is located at 30 degrees and 46 minutes to the north and 72 degrees and 26 minutes to the east at an altitude of 148 meters. The literacy rate is higher than in other parts of Pakistan, the average living standard is better, and the population — along with construction and development — is increasing rapidly. … Read More >Pir Mahal


Pattoki is a town in the Kasur District of the Punjab province of Pakistan. It is the headquarters of Pattoki Tehsil, an administrative subdivision of the district. Pattoki is named after a caste of the Hindus called Pattwaan. It is located at Latitude of 31°1’0N and Longitude of 73°50’60E with an altitude of 186 metres. This is a highly populated city with an approximately population of 650,000. … Read More >Pattoki


Panjgur is a district in the west Balochistan province of Pakistan. Panjgur was one of three tehsils of Makran District until 1 July 1977, when the district became Makran Division. The Postal Code of Panjgur is 93000. The population is about 500,000. More than 99% of people in the area are Muslims. The district is administratively subdivided into three tehsils which contain a total of 16 Union Councils Paroom, Panjgur and Gichk. … Read More >Panjgur

Pak Pattan

Pak Pattan is a city in province Punjab of Pakistan. It is the capital city of the Pakpattan District in the Sahiwal Division in the Punjab province of Pakistan. Pakpattan is one of the ancient cities of Pakistan. It is the city that has the shrine of Baba Fareed. Pakpattan is located roughly 40 kilometres from the border with India, and 184 kilometres by road southwest of Lahore. Punjabi is the native spoken language but Urdu is also widely understood. Haryanvi also called Rangari is spoken among Ranghar, Rajputs. Meos have their own language which is called Mewati. … Read More >Pak Pattan

Rajan Pur

Rajan pur is a city in the province Punjab of Pakistan. It is the headquarters of Rajanpur District in the far southwestern part of Punjab, Pakistan. Rajanpur was named by a warlord Makhdoom Shaikh Rajan in 1772–73. This district lies entirely west of the Indus River. It is a narrow 30- 60 kilometres wide strip of land sandwiched between the Indus River on the east and the Sulaiman Mountains on the west. The town is approximately 15 kilometres from the west bank of the river. … Read More >Rajan Pur